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Full-E Charged Rear Sprocket


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1 Years Frame & 1 Year Electrical Components


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Looking for a simple yet poweful upgrade that lets you fine-tune your ride to match your unique style. Whether you prefer quicker acceleration with a smaller front sprocket and/or a larger rear sprocket, or aim for higher top speeds with the opposite setup, our selection of sprockets has you covered.

Choose from sprocket sizes ranging from 44T to 60T, providing you with a variety of options to customize your ride. Additionally, our sprockets come in eight vibrant colours, allowing you to make a bold statement while optimising your bikes performance.




Sur-ron Light Bee [Lbx/Le1]
Talaria Sting Offroad [TL3000]
Sting R Road Legal [TL50]
Sting R [TL4000]
Sting Road Legal [TL45]
X3 MX [TL2500]
X3 Road Legal [TL25]