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Our Story

Our founder Ashley discovered E-Scooters while travelling in Europe. Following his impulse, he tried one out - and was gripped from the get-go!

This was a new way to travel, and with it came an exciting way to explore and see the sights. A thrill-seeker at heart, Ash had found a new passion.

Realising there was a need for a trusted retailer of these E-Scooters in the U.K., he went about sourcing the best models from leading international brands. In December 2020, he opened the first showroom at 137 St Marychurch Road in Torquay. This marked the official launch of E-ridez! 

An independently owned retailer with a genuine approach to customer service, we are on a mission to become the most trusted source for E-Scooters in the U.K.

Joining Ash on the team is our General Manager Sam. Based full-time at our showroom, he provides one-on-one customer consultations, and can give you personal care to your needs and specifications.

Every Scooter we stock is hand-chosen from thorough research and rigorous testing on our indoor test-track. Our aim is to provide innovative and exhilarating E-Scooters with the highest grade of durability and design.

We want to open up new lanes for you.

Join the E-ridez movement..