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Great service indeed, kept me updated on status of package. Will buy from them again! Highly recommended! Great team!

First ebike

Arrived in a well packed box. Easy to assemble. The bike is well made all the mud guards are brilliant lights are good.Easy to work and a great ride comfortable loads of power to assist great experience I love the bike great first bike worth every penny.

Lacks power for heavy riders.

Disappointed with this purchase. I'm 110kg. Struggled to reach 30mph on flat. Previously owned a wolf warrior and that struggled at 42mph. Shame, as its a well built, well finished off scooter. Moving to ebikes for the power requirement.


I’m an adrenaline junkie and this is the perfect fix,better than my motocross bikes and my Fireblade just fast and scary at times best toy I have 💪😎👍

Fast delivery, excellent service

It was the latest model and everything works perfectly, more than happy and i have recommended this place to several people.

Decent way to get arround

Had it for a year now.. only objections are the foldable handlebar which is very wobbly and the stem with the same issue. Other then that just the quick ware of the breakpads, though that comes with the small wheel size.

Still overall a good buy, got over 3000 miles on mine on daily commute.

Reliable Seller and great scooter

The scooter is amazing but the main difference has been made by e-ridez. They helped me with everything during this time.

Shame it lacks cruise control

Great scooter, really light and, for the size, achieving a very decent speed, even if not quite the one on the display, which, according to my testing, is "enhanced" by about 3 to 5km/hr. Fanstastic suspensions, which you do not quite realise about till you need them. Only two things let it down: the lack of cruise control, which I understand is available on other models and the front light, which is of virtually no use to light up the road and had the brake wire from the right running in front of it most of the time, so also not great as visibility for other drivers. But the speed and battery duration are way ahead of any other brand of similar size and weight. That makes up for those minor failings. Add cruise control, and 5 stars would almost be too low a score.

Great scooter and good customer service

I’m really pleased with the product and the delivery time.

Excellent service !!!

As promised delivery with fantastic communication I will buy again many thanks for the VSETT 10+ …’s a super company to buy from thank you


Very well built bike and lots of Power,would highly recommend purchasing one

Moscow. Superb

Hi I was very pleased with the chats I had with the shop before buying. When it arrived I was amazed at the quality. I ride it every day ,it’s superb. I really can’t fault it. The only thing I had a problem with was that nowhere did it mention that you have to press the battery/power button to turn it on. After I found that out it was perfect

Delighted with the bike.

Having researched at length many varied brands of ebike, hired a couple of makes and taken free trials locally, I found the best reviews were for this Crussis ebike, it was surprisingly much less expensive than many others too. Very pleased I took the chance it is superb, quality build, nice styling, paintwork etc is a bonus, and seems ideal for the job. Easy to ride without power, did 14km today on flattish tracks and never needed a boost! Hope it remains as pleasurable as time goes on. Delayed delivery disappointing, but that’s not to do with the actual bike. The pleasures of living in Scotland, that outpost of England! 🥴

Faster than i thought it would be.

I purchased a Wolf Warrior 11 from E Ridez on the 19th of September which was a Sunday i got my scooter on the Wednesday which is great considering delivery is free and it's over 400 miles from E Ridez location to my home if I'd purchased the scooter on a Monday i would have had it the next day. I initially had some trouble setting up the scooter mainly the handlebars one phone call to E Ridez and they were on the case. Once i got the scooter up and running i have to say i was shocked at how fast it was the acceleration is great. I then purchased what i thought was a pair of tyres to be told off of Sam at E Ridez it was only one he then sent me the other tyre for free along with some bolts for the troublesome handlebars. My overall experience of purchasing the scooter was great the reviews of E Ridez i read are spot on the staff are well mannered kind helpful and most importantly knowledgeable the latter been very rare in customer service nowadays. If you're looking for a great scooter at a good price compared to many others go for the Wolf Warrior 11 at the time of my purchase it was on the sale and well worth the money they're great fun buy one you won't regret it. Infact they're so much fun I've already placed an order for my second e scooter the Kaabo Wolf Warrior King GT Pro and I'm sure it won't be the last. E Ridez are now my go to for all things e scooter related.


Fantastic easy purchase, placed order, received confirmation and delivery date (next day) arrived on time, great tracked delivery.
Bike is fantastic! Have been up Kielder on the trials it managed really well, love it!

VSETT 9+ Electric Scooter
George Wiltshire

Received the scooter next day, although DPD driver tried to deliver to wrong address🙄so far it’s been great fun, just as I expected. Being an aircraft engineer I can say the build quality is excellent, everything fits perfectly with no gaps or looseness, the performance is stunning, I am using it on the very lowest power settings to see what is achievable, so far I’ve done eight miles on ten percent of the battery capacity, I guess it should easily achieve sixty miles at this setting. I have tried it at full power and boy is it great fun😁😁😁 looking forward to the day I can use it properly in France on holiday, unless of course they are legalised for road use here🤞🤞

Love It.

The Vsett 10+ is an amazing machine. Ok it’s made in China so the quality of the finish is not perfect but it’s minimal and negligible so as not to be a problem. It looks amazing, is very fast and has a long range between charges.
There were two issues that I really that I could not live with.
Firstly the handlebar height from the ground. It is ridiculously high if you’re not 6 ft tall. I solved that by cutting the the top of the steering column down by about 2 inches. I then fitted straight bars in place of the foldable riser bars that it came fitted with. Now the height is perfect for me 😊.
Secondly at speed it does become worryingly unstable due to slight steering wobble. This I’m going to cure with a steering damper kit, which I’ve ordering and am currently awaiting delivery of.

There are other modifications I’ve made to the cockpit but that is just me wanting things aesthetically pleasing to my eye.

It’s not the cheapest of e scooters but then again it’s not the most expensive. All in all I think it’s worth every penny as the ride experience is off the grin factor scale. I’ve no regrets whatsoever.

Total satisfaction

I purchased a Apollo Phantom I was apprehensive at first but made the Right choice thanks to Sam a manager working in the right industry he was totally helpful from start to finish of the buying process which gave me great satisfaction once again Thank you for your professionalism Sam Look forward to visiting the shop soon thanks guys five star all day long

Great Bike

Bike is terrific, just a shame that the box looked like it had lost a fight with a grizzly bear, and the frame / battery cover were scratched on a brand new bike. Reported to E-Ridez but never heard a thing afterwards. Such a shame as they were very helpful before the bike arrived. 🥴

Awesome scooter

What a beast! Extremely sturdy, great suspension, insane acceleration. Highly recommend this scooter!

Love the NCM

The staff were great help and the bike is simple awesome, in the price bracket i think its the best in the business!

Kaabo Mantis 10 Lite Electric Scooter

very satisfied with the scooter , had loads of fun , very fast , easy to ride . quality customer service .

Fun and quick

Soft suspension and comfortable ride

First 80 miles review

Ok… so from removing it from its box (very well packaged) the scooter is beautiful to look at, strong chunky and easy assembled and ready for its first ride (after you charge the battery).
I have some experience of using electric scooters and I don’t think the Kaabo mantis 10 lite is for a first timer. THIS IS NOT A TOY !
Acceleration is powerful. Steering, brakes and suspension all great.
Only downside is distance.. (not great) I’m only getting around 15-18 miles between charges. But that’s going pretty much flat out in 3rd gear. (35mph).
Also had 3 punctures, 1 front and 2 rear. Easy fixed, but you will need quite a bit of strength to remove the rear wheel as the two 18ml nuts are secured with lock tight..
but all said and done it’s great fun and I love it. 👍

Great Budget Scooter

was advised to spend slightly more money and go for a Booster. Really happy with it and has been very reliable so far