Dualtron Electric Scooters


Dualtron MiniMotors have been experts in their craft for over 20 years. Originating from Korea, they hold the accolade of being the world’s first all-wheel drive Scooter, consistently leading the industry through technical innovation and consistency. Now operating world-wide, Dualtron’s scooters have become some of the most in-demand on the market.

True to their name, Dualtron Scooters pack a punch through their unique dual-motor design. These high-performance machines are tuned to perfection and provide one of the best experiences money can buy. 

For the entry-level rider, the ‘Mini’ is a solid scooter. For those looking for an experience, the ‘Raptor 2’ is a great all-rounder. Adrenalin seekers need look no further than the ‘Thunder’. Dualtron’s expert engineers have every type of rider covered.